06 November 2007

Slightly out of tune, but mellifluous: a piano story

After posting about the final arrival of the piano this weekend, I thought I would gather up the posts about the piano and put them in one place, this post being that place. Why? Because I have a firstborn's listmaker brain and I like to organize things and as a child I always ate M&Ms in a specific order according to color (if you must know, brown, tan, orange, yellow, green, and yes, they threw a wrench into my nine-year-old brain when they added red).

Consider this the piano fascicle, for you Emily Dickinson and/or anatomy buffs.

Part I: the impulse purchase
Part II: reluctant delivery
Part III: we fire the moving company
Part IV: misplaced signage is costly, piano at the doorstep
Part V: signage incompetence continues
Part VI: cancellations and complaints
Part VII: home at last

It took exactly two months from the moment of purchase to the day a concord of celestial harmony caused everything to fall in place and the piano to land in our dining room.

Here is a fuzzy picture of the beautious beast:

I've been playing every day and I'm sure our neighbors are thrilled. I'm sure they would like me to keep playing, all the time.

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