25 November 2007

A matter of minutes

I'm an hour past the midnight mark for today's entry, and I don't know if this means I'm kicked out of the blog challenge thingamajiggy or not. I don't have a terribly great excuse; it's just that today was one of those meandering kind of days and when we left the house shortly after noon, we didn't know exactly what we would be doing from there on in. We ended up doing some Christmas/sofa shopping, finding ourselves downtown, and then going to a free archeology cinema festival (did you imagine there was such a thing?) but when we got there they had just started a two-hour break, so we went to dinner (best Waterzooi ever). Then friends called, and we gave up on the cinema festival, met them for a drink and then saw a pretty wacky Taiwanese movie in another part of town. And then we had to walk home because there was no tram or bus, and it rained. That's why it's one a.m. and I haven't posted yet today.


Today I am thankful for: Thanksgiving leftovers. Even our mini-Thanksgiving produced some excellent leftovers, which we made into a delicious brunch. The stuffing was particularly tasty the second time around.

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