30 November 2007

Thirty days hath November

Today marks the last day of blog posting month, and I can't believe I actually made it with thirty-plus blog entries over the course of blustery November. Talking to my sister last night, she urged me to continue with the daily posting. I think I will try, but I know that without some external impetus it will be a tough job. To be honest, it will be a relief to be able to skip posting on the days that are busiest or boringest, the days when my brain is either too full or too empty.

Fortunately, the new look of the blog comes just in time to keep me sticking with it. Over the last day or so I've been clicking obsessively back to my web page, just to see how light! how pretty! how refreshing! I'm so excited about the new design, even if it is a bit of a clumsy copy-and-paste effort. It's funny how colors make me feel a little differently about the words I hang into the white space, neatly aligned on their little colored pegs.

On today, the last "official" day of giving thanks, I am thankful for this blog. I am thankful for a little opening through which to release some of the thoughts and words and poems and observations of my life, like dandelion seeds out of a car window, and I'm thankful that a few people out there read it.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on making it through the month with your blog. And I'd encourage you to keep spending time daily to work on your dissertation.

anna vogelzang said...

keep it going! i like being updated!

TK said...

Good job! And congratulations! You sound like you've made it through with your sanity intact.

I also heartily agree that your blog is sooo beautiful now. =D