17 November 2007

Barcelona, belly laughs

Hello from Barcelona, where it is cold! Looks like we brought the first cold snap of the season with us from Brussels. But it's a rosy, Mediterranean cold and just the look of the air is warmer than in Brussels. I, stupidly, did not pack anything warmer than a light sweater, and all I have in my drawers here are sixty tank tops. And since the heat still isn't installed in this apartment, we've been a tad chilly. Nothing we can't solve with piles of blankets on the bed and a space heater, though.

We just drew up a master plan for the day and for the party tomorrow, thinking of as many things as we can that will fill the need for the Halloween effect. It's a matter of thinking creatively, because it's not as if we're going to find any stores with Halloween-themed food and/or decorations. And we still have to complete our costumes, as well as accomplish various tasks related to finishing the apartment renovations (choosing a bathroom mirror, choosing wood for built-in shelves, etc.).

It feels reeeally good to be here in our little nest, to have escaped from Brussels for a little while, to see the family. I am especially thankful for the beautiful faces of our little nieces, whom we visited just before they went to sleep last night in their bunk beds, and for their adorable belly laughs when the Mister was tickling them under the chin.

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