01 November 2007

Sleeping like a marmot

Yesterday's evening was a success on both social and culinary levels. I was introduced to the joys of the little round almond cookies called panellets and I introduced my guests to the joys of pumpkin pie. None of them had ever tried it before--imagine the tragedy of a pumpkin pieless life!

I wore my Cleopatra wig and eye makeup and managed to astonish everyone who came through the door. I even managed to frighten myself a few times, especially after I had ditched the wig at around dessert-time but caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror still wearing half-smeared crooked black eyeliner all over my face. But, sadly, I was the only one in costume. I understand that on what to them was just a regular worknight, it was hard to get hyped up enough to se deguiser. So I played the role of the loony American hostess in her wacked-out wig and kooky color schemes (I served an all-orange menu: carrots and orange peppers, bright orange butternut squash soup, pumpkin pie).

Everyone stayed until 2 am, and although I lost some of the thread of the conversation by the end of the night, due to sugar overload, wine, and the fact that it was 2 am, I did pick up on a rather handy Catalan phrase. "Dormir com una marmota," to sleep like a marmot, is the equivalent of sleeping like a rock or log. I like it because I'd much rather sleep like a marmot than a log, the former being a whole lot softer and snugglier.

And sleeping like a marmot what I proceeded to do as soon as I had popped the leftovers in the fridge and crawled into my jammies. (And yes, OK, I'll admit it. I ate pumpkin pie for breakfast today.)

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Dave said...

Pumpkin pie for breakfast! Yeah!

Love ya,