18 November 2007

Queen of Egypt

Forgive me this sorry excuse for a blog post, but I am writing in extremis from my husband's parents house, just before we all leave for an excursion up the valley to a special once-a-year gathering of the whole town at a little hermitage, the one where his parents were married. The Mister has promised me that we will see everyone there, including all the distant family members who live here (which is a whole lot of people, maybe more than we know of, considering that the family has been in this town for centuries).

When we return, we'll have a quick lunch here and then head back into the city to finish setting up the party. We spent yesterday afternoon cutting out jack o'lanterns and ghosts and spiders, making spider cupcakes, spray painting various elements of our Antony & Cleopatra costumes gold, and practicing winding white sheets around ourselves in a way that looks vaguely Egypto-roman.

I promise there will be pictures, although they have to be from someone else's camera, because ours is kapoot.

Tomorrow, I'll be writing once again from Belgium. Until then, sincerely yours,

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