23 November 2007

Darling clementine

I have to admit it was hard to miss out on Thanksgiving yesterday. We called my family on skype just as they sat down at the table, and as we peered out from the computer screen over the edges of serving bowls filled with steaming mashed potatoes, my mother's glorious cranberry sauce (which I will be making tonight), and a freshly sliced turkey, ringed by the faces of loved ones, it was easy to wish we were there. At least we were, virtually speaking, and got to hear them sing the grace, in four-part harmony to boot. 

Tonight M. and I are planning to make a mini-Thanksgiving, minus the turkey, but including potatoes, cranberry, stuffing, and some sort of delectable dessert (maybe this one). I'm sort of befuddled about how much or how little to make for just the two of us, without it being excessive, but still abundantly scrumptious. I didn't want to invite people over for a big production, because only last week we had a big Halloween production, and for last year's Thanksgiving party I cooked for twelve hours straight (and that for people who were very confused about the purpose of cranberry sauce).

We might also try to put up the Christmas tree. Then it will really feel like the holiday season has begun, and I can start listening to Christmas music! 

Today I'm thankful for winter citrus: the gorgeous color of mandarins with their glossy green leaves still attached, and their perfect burst of sweet and tart in the mouth. I have been eating handfuls of these every day this week. 


Dave said...

We missed you yesterday too!

Love, Sarah

Ashley said...

Hey, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your mini-dinner goes well. I'm in LA, and Ben & I made some delicious desserts that you should try--both from the NYT. Whiskey-apple-crumb pie and cranberry tart...yum!