22 November 2007

To give thanks

I love how the name of this holiday is translated in Spanish, Catalan, French... acció de gràcies, action of thanks. Indeed it is an action, a gift that means nothing until it is given, a verb, present tense.

Today in the Times there was a slightly snarky article about writing down what you are thankful for. Although the author sort of makes fun of the idea that writing down your thanksgivings makes you happier, I think the point is that it makes others happier. That's what gifts are about, and what giving is about. The act of saying or writing it mostly matters because it is something we can give, whether to God or loved ones or strangers or the universe.

Ironically, after days and days of writing about little things I'm thankful for, it's hard to find words to say what I'm most thankful for, because they are big, and big things don't fit into words very well. But I will try, as simply as I can, because the big might fit into the simple. I am thankful for:

• My husband, who is sitting next to me reading a red leather book, and our exciting first year of marriage. For his encouragement and love, his honesty and warm hands and his dimple.

• Our family. For how the distance between here and New England, and here and Catalonia, doesn't seem so big mostly because of how involved they are in our lives and how supportive their love for us is.

• Our friends. Same thing goes for them, and how even after much time and much distance, when we see their faces again it is like no time has passed.

• God. For beauty, truth, and faithfulness.

• For the beautiful things in life, like delicious food, and music that moves me, and writing that makes me see newly, and laughter, for travel to amazing places, the insane wonder of the world's moving pieces, and the fabulous inventiveness of language, for a good night's sleep.

• For this blog, for the people who read it (thank you!).

Have a wonderful, delicious Thanksgiving. Give thanks.

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