31 October 2007

In costume

Happy halloween!

I was going to scour my photo archives for pictures of me and/or me and the Mister in costume from Halloweens past, but I think they're all either in hard copy only or on my backup hard drive, which would require labor--you know, plugging the thing in--to find, so instead I have found a mini gallery of what I think are infinitely better pictures. Sort of a catalogue of all the costumes that I found in my iPhoto library.

Cutest first. Last year I was in Vermont for Halloween, and got to witness our nephew's discovery of what Halloween is all about. At the start he was a little confused by the whole thing, but by the time my dad had taken him around to a few houses, he was all about Halloween. It doesn't take long to get a kid to appreciate the glories of people giving you lots of candy.

To up the cuteness factor even further, here is a photo of our niece and her little pal at carnival season last year. Do I not have the cutest nieces and nephews ever?

I rest my case.

Let's continue our perusal of the photographic archives. Here I am with my mom at my old abode, the House of Love. For the annual department Halloween parties, it was the Haunted House of Love. But the decor stayed up pretty much year round. Witness this photo, taken in May of 2006:

Hijinx at the House of Love were many. The following photo is me and my housemates in "costume," sort of. It's a brilliant card made by my housemate for my farewell party. It features me as Nancy Drew, and the two of them as other characters on the cover of The Secret at the House of Love. This is exceptionally fantastic for many reasons, including our love of Nancy Drew covers and the fact that the House of Love holds many mysterious secrets, one of which was that--I kid not--a wheelchair was one of our permanent furnishings. Nobody knows when it took residence at the house, but it was uncovered by some of our earlier housemates in a closet full of rubbish. It was a favorite seat for parties and in actuality proved terribly practical, because it could be driven from one room to the other. And also used for pop-a-wheelie tricks.

Now, switching gears (do wheelchairs have gears?), imagine my surprise when I discovered that I have more than one photo in my archives of random European men dressed in bunny costumes. Honest.



May your intake of candy be excessive, and may your dreams never be haunted by manic bunnies.

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