26 October 2007

Please accept our apologies

I realize, and I feel terribly sorry for, the fact that I haven't written in this blog for nearly a month. I was gone a lot of that time, and I made the mistake of storing up all the things in my head that I was going to write about, until the point came where it all seemed so daunting to make a dent in it and I just sort of put it off.

Which makes a good case for regular blogging, in the first place.

Among the things I want to write about are: the family reunion in Michigan, the week in Bloomington with good friends and the old IU haunts and profs, fall food, especially pumpkin pie, our new (hand-me-down) videocam, and other terribly important things I can't remember right now.

For the moment, I offer up the rambly post below, written about today's rambly day, which should give you a snapshot of what's going on with us at the moment, and bring you up to date on the piano situation. Spoiler: it's still not in our apartment.

Love and kisses and hugs and all of those sorts of things.

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