28 October 2007

Yellowlegs and purple figs

The market today was full of beautifully autumnal foods, and even though the Mister is gone all week and I'll mostly be eating alone, I couldn't help but buy piles of mushrooms, figs, and other produce.

I even took some pictures (with the videocam, because our camera is broken!):

I'm a tad confused about which kind of mushrooms these are (they were two different purchases from two different vendors; in the picture they're mixed together). Are girolles the same as chanterelles? From a brief look on the web, I think what I bought may be two varieties of chanterelles, the ones with the brown stems being chanterelles jaunes. Not sure though, because at one stand the sign said girolles and the other had no sign.

I think in catalan they're camagrocs (yellowlegs) and rossinyols (nightingales). Translations of food names are so difficult, but oh so fun!

I know these come straight from the forest because while cleaning them I found all sorts of little surprises, included pine needles and moss and more than one little crawlie. I don't terribly mind (although I tend to drop what I'm holding like a hot potato if I see something move) because it means they are fresh and will taste the way the crunch of fall leaves sounds.

Now the question is what to do with the mushrooms? I think for lunch, in a few minutes, I'll sauté some of them and put them inside the buckwheat crepes I made yesterday, since I have leftover batter. If there are enough left after that, maybe a fall risotto...

Also, the figs, oh the figs! I've been buying them lately to put in salads with goat cheese, but since I have a whole little basket of them, I think I should try to make a tart or something warm.

The cookies I made yesterday are hiding in the background.

And what would Sunday be without the Herald Trib (featuring the Sunday crossword, of course) and a grainy baguette?

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