27 October 2007

Home pianoless home

Talking to my brother--with the miracle of video chat! saw his most adorablest dog for the first time!--I realized I had left the story hanging in the middle of the Mister's traveling travails.

He arrived safely, albeit five hours late, and with enough time to relax, talk, eat dinner (I made crepes for the first time in my life--why didn't anybody tell me they were so easy?) and to re-pack his suitcase, which he is doing as I write.

Also, the piano, it is not here. That which was likely yesterday was confirmed today with full cancellations of all of the people involved. I called the police so they could file some sort of document, and talked to them when they came, explaining the situation, although they refused to file any sort of document. (But I talked to them, in French, and they understood me!)

So the Mister is home, and the piano isn't. I'm just thankful it's not the other way around. Although it would be nice to have them both.

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