30 November 2008

Thirty days

Twenty-nine days of faithful daily posting, and I blew it at the last minute! This has been a busy weekend, busy in the good sense. Still, I feel kind of bummed that I missed posting yesterday (and right under the wire today).

Friday night the Thanksgiving dinner was fantastic, even if I do say so myself. The turkey was SO scrumptious, and cooked in an hour flat (!) due to this ridiculous convection oven, and everybody loved the meal. (And yes, I ate the turkey. Am eating the turkey, present tense, since leftovers have featured heavily in this weekend's diet.) My only complaint was that some items made it to the table a little lukewarm rather than piping hot. For cooks with much more experience than me, how on earth do you keep everything hot?

Saturday I woke up very late for a choir recording session--my alarm hadn't gone off--and hopped into my clothes and then into a taxi. I spent the morning in recording sessions (which is kind of fun and kind of exhausting), joined the Mister at our friends' house for lunch (which, being where we are, lasted until 7 pm) and then we went home and bought plane tickets for Christmas--a stressful but ultimately successful endeavor. And then we watched a movie. So I don't have much of a good excuse for not posting.

Except---I think thanksgiving leftovers, cuddling with the Mister, and watching a movie is good enough excuse. I'm thankful for that.

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