27 November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

There is so much to be thankful for. But I will keep the list relatively short, since I have fennel roasting in the oven and pies that need to be made.

I'm thankful... for my husband, who is cleaning the house from top to bottom and running supermarket errands like a champ, even though this holiday is not one written into his cultural DNA.

For my family, who are all gathered together and boisterous and smiling and take turns talking to us on skype, and my nephews who are too scrumptious for us to be this far away from them.

For my husband's family, who are willing to try new traditions, and who always try to make me feel home in this strange city.

For this strange city, the streets and corners and places I've come to know and the ones I've yet to discover.

For this house full of warm smells and music and tasty food. For God's goodness. For love.

1 comment:

white on rice couple said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too...all the way in beautiful Spain!
It looks like you are settling in nicely. Hopefully you don't feel like a stranger anymore. I'm jealous, you are in a beautiful place!