28 November 2008

Day after

It's funny to do Thanksgiving the day after Thanksgiving. I woke up with mixed emotions, related to a dream of a vacation gone awry--fun time, missed plane--that I'm sure in turn is related to the holiday that is not a holiday. Yesterday is was Thanksgiving over there, but not here, and today it is Thanksgiving because I'm making Thanksgiving dinner but otherwise isn't. Does this make any sense at all?

Anyway, dinner is in T-minus-three-hours, and while I'm loving the wafts of stuffing and I think my squash turned out great and the rolls are delicious (we had some for lunch), I still have yet to face The Turkey. I'm a bit nervous about that whole process--the trussing, the basting, the gravy-making. The Mister is out buying wine, so hopefully when he gets back he'll help me wrestle the butterball and get it into the oven.

I made some pretty leaf-wrapped candle holders, and the table looks nice and festive, so I'm hoping this will overall serve as an especially nice First Thanksgiving for all of my in-laws.

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Astrid said...

I hope you had a great time and that your in-laws enjoyed your Thanksgiving :)