19 February 2008

If they were worth a thousand words...

If it's cold and gray, maybe snowy or rainy, wherever you are, here are a few island photos to cheer your day.

You can read my account of our trip to Capri here.

In this photo we are on the Mediterranean side of the island (as opposed to the side looking towards Vesuvius and the bay of Naples, the windy side). We strolled from about where we are here (just a few steps away from our B&B) along the island lanes to that bright orange hotel you can just see in the top left corner. Then we followed a trail down past the faraglioni, the rocks you see in the distance, and then up about a million stairs past several of the island's other natural wonders.
Peeking across someone's terrace.
Looking out...
....and over the rooftops.
Once we had hiked around the point and up those stairs (first exploring a large natural cave, which had served as an ancient church), we got to the "Arco naturale," an arch naturally formed in the rock, offering precipitous glimpses of blue sea below (and the spit of land from whence we had come).
The next set of photos are from Villa San Michele. The interior was wonderful, but the gardens blew me away. Here, a long loggia of white columns covered with twisting vines leads to...
...amazing views of the port of Capri below, and beyond to the Bay of Naples and the Amalfi coast.
At the very end of the gardens, where the earth practically drops away, perches a tiny chapel. Behind it, a sphynx presides over the island and its waters.
The sunset that accompanied us on our ferry ride home.

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