14 February 2008

Be mine...

...is a command, a request if said in a rising tone of voice. A selfish demand if said in a forceful tone of voice. The frilly valentine of grade school sent to the secret crush is a hopeful gesture of what might be. But today is also a day to celebrate what is, the ones I love who are mine.

One of the greatest gifts that love brings is a sense of reciprocal belonging: you are mine and I am yours. I am your daughter, you are my mother. I am your sister, you are my brother. I am your wife, you are my husband. I am your friend, and you are mine. This is one of the great gifts of faith, as well, to claim the God who claims us as his. The peace of resting in the possessive, the relationship signified by embracing someone as "mine."

So consider this a valentine to those I cherish, and thank you for being mine.


sarah said...

Love you, sister!

SaraLynn said...

I enjoyed your post, just wanted to drop you a note.
Happy Valentine's Day!