04 February 2008

Getting lost

Yes, it's true. We would have to call ourselves Lost fans. We're already on the bandwagon for this season's episodes, short-lived as they may be. Last night we watched the new episode (with Estonian subtitles! ain't the internet grand!), and although it wasn't the best one ever, I was so excited to be watching it again that it didn't matter how good or bad it was. One thing that Lost never fails to do is to raise twice as many questions as it provides answers, and man, I love that. (It's the same detective-y feeling I get when reading Faulkner. Take Absalom! Absalom!, which moves backwards and forwards in time at will, confuses the reader with referents [who is the "he" they are talking about here?], and never lets you be sure whether characters' motivations are good or bad [Is Locke a Sutpen?]) I was glad to see that they're continuing the flash-forward style, which is a nice switch-up and creates oodles more mysteries for our viewing pleasure.

OK, I'm done now. Sorry for the supreme geekery. I'll go back to making phone calls to companies who don't want to give money to our choir, and you go back to...whatever you were doing.

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