22 February 2008


OK, I myself was curious about the colon poem I referred to in my last post. So I dug it out of my archives, and thought I'd post a snippet or two. The poem is an abecedarian, which means a poem of 26 lines, every line beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. Here's F through H:

First two dots in a Seurat painting : you’re the poem’s pointillist
gateway to hades or heaven slender as a needle’s eye : : You give us
hidey-holes : crawlspaces in the eaves of words : nooks of meaning : :

And S through W:

Subsequent is to ( : ) previous as ( : : ) overture is to ( : ) melody : :
This is to say : The present is played to the spritely tune of the past on a blue
ukulele : the ultraviolet light of memory : our umbilical cord : our uninvited
VIP a viper whose fang-bites puncture with preferred poison : : Oh, how your dots
waver through stop, go, and slow : little semaphore :

Have a lovely Friday.

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