23 November 2006

I only burnt my fingers in two tiny little spots

A friend came over tonight and I made her dinner, because I wanted to try out more recipes from the big yellow Gourmet, and it's no fun making fancy food for oneself, now, is it? (This is why I miss the House of Love. Making Food x People Squared [i.e. people to make it and people to eat it, not Square People] = Good Times.)

Here is what I made, and it was goooood:

Fresh mushroom soup (I told you I would make this again! And I'm going to make it again after this. This time I substituted all-soy products for the cream, and it tasted just as good if not better.)

Roasted beet and pear salad (This salad was both colorful and amazingly flavorful. It had fried almonds on top that I fried myself. Yum.)

Israeli couscous with roasted butternut squash and preserved lemon (Although it was very tasty, it was a tad bland. Maybe because I left out the preserved lemon. Because preserved lemon involved another recipe, and that recipe involved five days' worth of preservation. Maybe this should be a lesson to moi même: never leave out something that is in the title of a recipe.)

Individual molten chocolate cakes (With ice cream. And whipped cream. Molten. Chocolate. Cakes. Need I say more?) (Yes: I would like to add that I love the word "ramekin.")

If you want recipes, just ask! I will send them to you, special delivery speedy fast.


Mark Vogelzang said...

We'll be over for the molten chocolate cake! Sounds terrific. Need to schedule the private plane...

Mark Vogelzang said...


We believe you are a true Innocent. The wisdom of crowds here in Vermont think that you were 'taken' by the Irish guy for 10 euros. Honestly, you even recognized him from the Sants train station. I'm sure he was grateful, however!


Dave said...

I believe the crowd was pretty well divided fifty-fifty :).

If, however, my illustrious crowd-colleague is (as the case may well be) THE wisdom of our crowd, then I concede myself corrected.