06 July 2012

Baby brother

It appears that I went and had a baby, and suddenly, a month later, I have a one-month-old baby! Isn't it funny how that works. I meant to post about it oh, probably every day since he was born, but I was either A) in the hospital, B) fiercely protecting the one-on-one time with baby while husband/mom/dad handled the toddler (and meals and cleaning and so forth), or C) handling the toddler and the baby and meals and cleaning and so forth. You know how it goes.

Plus, thrown into the mix I have been trying to work (revisions on an article), my mom got sick, M. went to Barcelona twice (the first time was right when my mom got sick and could barely get out of bed, and the second time, the baby got sick in the middle of the night, OF COURSE), M. turned 40 and we had to celebrate as a fortieth birthday calls for, and various paperwork-y kinds of things like getting birth certificates and passports at embassies involving three different countries.

I will try to catch-up post and write about labor and birth (kind of crazy long labor but went well in the end--couldn't have been more different than Gabriel except that both were no-epidural and perfectly healthy), the overall experience with Belgian hospital birth, and the aftermath: this newborn vs. that newborn, what it's like to be a mother of two (still getting a handle on that, actually, since my mom left only this week, and Gabriel has completely melted down since she has been gone).

In the meantime, presenting Eloi Daniel, our lovely baby. He was born on June 5, one day before the due date (thank goodness!). I went into labor literally as my mom was arriving from the airport. (But then spent that day, the next day, and two nights in labor...) He weighed 3.7 kilos, or about 8 pounds 5 ounces. He's very different from what his big brother was like as a baby, sleeping easily for the most part and generally calm and mellow.

Glamour shot.
Wide awake, with cowlick. 
Walking home from the hospital!
A yawn. 
Gabriel sees his brother for the first time.


JCasas said...

Eloi! Un nom català! Molt bé i felicitats! Our niece Heura was almost an Eloi, had she been an xy instead of an xx. Hope you are finding the adjustment to two to your liking (it is a big one!) and enjoy these precious early months with the new man in your life! xo

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh my goodness he is so adorable!! Congratulations!!