14 January 2012

Miscellaneous Saturday edition

Regarding yesterday's post: for now I've decided not to make the link to this blog available on Facebook, for a number of reasons, mostly having to do with privacy for both me and the Mister, and general wariness. I do think most people know about it who are immediate family and friends, anyway. As a friend pointed out, I can always let people know individually if I want to.

In unrelated news, I signed up for this semester's Dutch class at the university (KU Leuven). Basic level one, but I'm very excited about it. The class ends on May 31, a week before my due date, so if the baby decides to come early, I might miss the exam, but oh well! If I do a later level someday, I can always take a placement test. But I'm nervous already about day one, for two reasons. First, because our plane from Barcelona arrives at 12:45 and the class begins at 2 (I would be horribly stressed to be late on the first day), and second, because if they make us go around the room and say our names and where we're from, etc., I will be at a total loss (it's what happened on the first day of my French class, but at least in French I could manage those basic phrases). Maybe I'll study the Mister's "Le néerlandais pour les nuls" (Dutch for Dummies). (It pleases me probably more than it should that each title is alliterative in own its language.)

Today we are taking it easy and enjoying being at home for a weekend by ourselves. We will shop the sales later this afternoon, trying to fill in our list of still-needed items for the house. It's time for Gabriel to get an actual bed instead of being on a mattress on the floor, and we urgently need a coffee table (for Christmas my brother gave us the thoughtful gift of some money towards this purchase), plus the guest room could use some bedside tables and lamps. Because we have guests coming this week! Another of my brothers and his wife will be arriving mid-week, and we can't wait! Gabriel will be overjoyed.

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