30 August 2010

Eve of a New Semester

The syllabi are printed out, the shiny new instructor's copy books are in a neat pile on the coffee table (I am still kind of dizzy about the fact that they will send me novels for free and all I have to do is ask! well, that and teach the novels in the course, i.e. get 25 students to buy them), and I've already decided what I'll wear tomorrow. At 7 am I'll wake up with nervous stomach, but when the students walk in the classroom door I'll simply be eager to begin. It will probably be the only day of the semester when I will be totally alert and with it for our 8 am class.

I'm teaching literature for the first time, and am ridiculously happy about it. I'm hoping my students won't dash my hopes to the ground and stomp them to smithereens, just as I'm hoping that I will come out of the course still loving the novels that we'll be reading together.

The Mister and I spent much of the weekend in his office, the baby asleep in his stroller or playing on the floor, while we polished off our syllabi and prepared for the courses. He is teaching three and I'm only teaching one, and we are trading off child care which means that I'll be racing back from class in order for him to get to his on time. Should be...fun!

Sorry I've been AWOL again on this blog; we had even more adventures, like a week in the Canary Islands! and a weekend in Vermont! an overseas flight during which they lost our stroller! two days in the car with a six-month-old baby! baby's first teeth! baby's first solid foods (he LOVES peaches)!

But we're here now, and it's lovely to be back. And I always, ridiculously, love the beginning of the school year. I love collecting my pens and my books and the buzz of campus in the fall. I love that someone's paying me (not much, but still) to talk about books with other people. And I love that my little family is along for the ride: caught up in the spirit of the school year, I bought Gabriel a couple of new books today, too. He mostly chewed on them, but it's the thought that counts. Books ahoy!


Ashley said...

"Smithereens," as in an eleven-letter word for "bits." :) Also, the literary character in question was "Mr. Toad"!

How did teaching go today? I hope it went well!

Robin said...

Hah! I didn't notice how my crossword unconscious came out with a Saturday puzzle word! Mr. Toad, geez. Teaching was great, how about you?

Writing and Snapping Mothership said...

Hope the class went well. I can relate to both the love of peaches and to the continual bewilderment that someone pays me to teach (though that is grounded when the grading comes).
Speaking of bewilderment.... Marti and Robin sharing an office in Indiana (no more long distance pining, huh?) and A BABY! Whoa.
Love you. Give the babes a peach for me. (And also read im Li Young Lee's poem about peaches called "Blossoms" I think.)