08 April 2009

A change in plans

Last weekend the Mister found out that he will be without work come July. This was half-expected, given that his job relies on the election cycle, but all recent indications had been that he would continue his work in Brussels for another term. That is, until Friday, when--in a turn of events that I can't detail but that involves nasty political last-minute behind-the-scenes machinations--he was told that he was out.

We barely had time to digest this news when he had to board his plane for the fifteen-hour flight to Tokyo, so we're still in the midst of processing. For now, it all pretty much boils down to two things:

1. No work in an economic downturn. The next few months will be spent job-hunting. For both of us, perhaps. (I even had an interview of sorts yesterday!)

2. No more commuting between two cities, no more maintaining apartments in two cities. I'll have the Mister here seven nights a week. This makes the idea of growing our family suddenly seem much more feasible.

I'm thinking point number two greatly outweighs point number one.


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Astrid said...

I'm sorry to hear about Mister loosing his job!! Politics have never been a clean "sport" unfortunately...

However, I agree with you that point number two outweighs point number one :) Despite having to look for jobs maybe spending more time together will make the everyday a lot more happier! And what is better than spending more time together if one plans to enlarge the family?? ;)

Bon courage!!

Catherine said...

Good that you can find an upside to bad news. I hope that he finds a fantastic new job, better than the old one.

Amanda said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear that, at least the nasty and unexpected part! But I think you are right about point number two. Enjoy this opportunity for nesting (and whatever else it is birds do in the spring)... :)