06 May 2008

Help! Send cocoa powder!

My plan is to make two decadent chocolate cakes for the joint birthday party on Thursday (one of my good friends here was also born on May 8 so we've joined forces). My mom sent me her famous chocolate cake recipe, and that's what I really want to make; I can already almost taste it and my mouth is watering. Besides, it serves like a million people because it's towering and huge.

BUT, that recipe, as well as all of the chocolate cake recipes in my Gourmet cookbook, as well as most from my go-to food websites, call for cocoa powder.

Which is apparently not to be had, in this, the COUNTRY of CHOCOLATE.

Am I missing something? Is there a secret baker's supply store that I am unaware of that would supply all of my missing ingredients? This is not the first time I've run into difficulty over seemingly normal baking needs.

Alas, I shall just have to find a powder-less recipe. Maybe this one?


Anne said...

OK, remain calm. There is cocoa powder. There is definitely cocoa powder. Since I know where you live more or less (you had a giveaway comment at some point, no, I am not a stalker, no really), I suggest you take yourself to the GB nearest to you (up hill - posher than downhill though suspect downhill probably ok too) which I know has cocoa powder because I have bought it there. It's either on the tea aisle or the cooking ingredients aisle. It comes in a yellow and white packet with a picture of a cocoa bean on the front. Am I not helpful? At least I hope I am - of course, I may just be creepy. If you're still stuck, email me and I can lend you a cup. Isn't the internet magic all the same?

Robin said...

whoa...wow, thanks! I'm a little...speechless. The internet IS magic! You must be a neighbor, then? Tomorrow I'll check the GB up the hill. (I looked pretty thoroughly at the downhill GB, though maybe not in the right aisle?)

Anne said...

Yes the internet is magic. Do let me know, if you're stuck...you gave away your location by mentioning a very popular bar. Is that a clue?

Robin said...

Ahhh, yes, that would give it away!

Thank you so much for the tip, because thanks to you I did find cocoa powder and did make the cakes, and they were delicious!

JEN said...

Hi there Robin,

I'm a New Zelander who is also living in Barcelona, and desperately trying to find cocoa poweder! I just found your blog from google, and I was wondering if you can please let me know where I can buy them, or the brand I should be looking for???

It would be so great to be able to use them finally! I've been holding off lots of baking as I just can't seem to find them!

Robin said...

Hi Jen,
This post was written while I was living in Brussels, and I did end up finding cocoa powder there (thanks to help from these comments!). However, I have not been able to find it in Barcelona yet. I have my stash from Brussels and am still using that. I will let you know if I see it anywhere!