12 March 2008

Two lists

Things I am going to do while in the US:

Admire some pregnant bellies
Cancel a credit card
Solve the case of the missing Pottery Barn comforter delivery
Watch one of the nephews walk and listen to the other one talk, shower with as much auntly attention as possible
Get certified copy of marriage certificate so stupid Spanish consulate will finally be happy with our paperwork and give us a Libro de familia
Eat Mexican food
Eat mom's food
Drive back and forth between Boston and Vermont a bunch of times, soak in beloved scenery
See some snow
Shop (see below)
Rifle through my things in my parents' basement, soak in beloved books (and snatch a few for expatriation)
Hang out to the max with family and friends
Celebrate Easter

Things I am going to buy while in the US:

Size 11 shoes
Cinnamon gum
Books of all sorts
American magazines that don't cost 9 euros
Philosophy facial cleanser
Macaroni and cheese
Aveeno facial moisturizer
Cabot cheddar cheese
Clothes, esp. suits for the Mister (exchange rate being what it is)

We're leaving in two days! Unfortunately, the Mister and I are on different flights. At least we'll end up in the same place, and at least he'll be there the whole time (we initially thought he'd be in Central America for the first chunk). Hooray for hometowns and family!


Lilacspecs said...

Here, here! We'll be on our way to Pittsburgh in a bit less than two weeks to see my family. My poor parents are serving as a depot for online ordered American goods. We'll actually be in Brussels tomorrow, but it's for some embassy stuff plus CB has to work later in the day, or else I'd say let's have coffee or something.

Robin said...

Excellent! Have fun at the embassy...last time I was there I waited in line for an hour only to discover they don't do what I wanted them to (certify a copy of the marriage certificate). My own fault for not checking in advance.