04 June 2007

The running report

Amazingly, I actually managed to get up at seven and go running with M! Not so amazingly, I was rapidly out of breath, and besides I had some mysterious stomach pains that weren't connected to the running, since I had them upon waking up and thought they would just go away. The didn't, so the whole exercise bit wasn't as robust as planned. Maybe I AM allergic to running. Psychosomatic effects? Still, I got up, and that in itself is something. We will try to continue the habit. The park is quite pleasant in the morning, and the temperature was about perfect, slightly cool but not at all cold. (Dare I say that getting up had something to do with making it public to the online world that I was planning to do so? Ah, the power of saving face.)

Today and tomorrow's extracurricular activities involve planning for a dinner party we are having tomorrow night: M's boss and two other European MPs, and their assistants, for a total of 7 guests, plus us. I'm trying to find a not-too-mundane but not-too-fancy dish to prepare, something that can bake in the oven while everyone arrives and we have hors d'oeuvres (cheese, olives, and artichoke dip) and the first course (either asparagus salad or beet salad, depending on what I decide for the main course). Some kind of lasagna? Another kind of baked pasta? Heeelp!

We went to Ikea on Saturday to buy more plates and wine glasses, since we had only enough for five people to eat on real dinner plates at one time. So at least no one will be eating their lasagna off of a napkin.


Bess/Luke said...

So what did you end up making? For a pregnant woman, reading your blog late at night may be a bad idea......now I'm hungry......for Lasagna! and artichoke dip! mmmm....

Bess/Luke said...

Oh, and now you can change your little BIO to read "She's a 29-year-old graduate student. . . " :)

It was GREAT to see you while you were in the US, by the way....wish we'd had more time to visit!


Robin said...

So, here's what I ended up making:

Beet, pear, and m√Ęche salad as a first course
Lasagna Primavera with hazelnuts
Fresh green beans with maple butter
Cardamom Rice Pudding with Plums

Everything went very smoothly, and I think the guests liked the food, although I kind of overestimated and made a whole extra lasagna than was necessary!