09 May 2007


Midnight has rolled around again, so it's no longer my birthday. But it was a very excellent one, the kind that's chock-full of treats and goodies.

Twenty-four hours ago, M. and I were playing Trivial Pursuit (I know, we're dorks), and an alarm started going off. We looked at one another, and then realized the alarm was playing Happy Birthday! Months and months ago, when we got the free picture frame/alarm clock gizmo, I must have set the "birthday" feature in anticipation of this very moment, and then forgotten about it. How cool is that?

And then, in another delightful surprise, I actually won the game of (Spanish) Trivial Pursuit. M. had gotten all six pies, as he tends to do, what with his being a history genius and all, and was circling around the center, while I was agonizingly slowly getting my pies. Somehow (that somehow includes generous hints from my husband, who often grants me a "correct" even when I've stupidly made random guesses and then realize I actually know the answer), I won the game before he managed to get the right combination of dice roll and answerable question. Woot!

When I woke up this morning, I was greeted by a breakfast of freshly-cut fruit, toast, cereal, coffee, juice, and--don't tell anyone--cookies. Then I went to French class, and got more than 100% on the test we were handed back. It said "parfait" on the top. I didn't tell anyone it was my birthday, but I felt like the birthday girl anyway.

I met M. for lunch at the top of the Musical Instruments Museum (or Musée des Instruments Musicales...it's MIM either way). The restaurant has amazing views of the city, and we lolligagged until he had to head back to work. I strolled through the Sablon on my way home, and listened to This American Life on my iPod.

After the Mr. got home from work, I got presents! I love getting presents! Who doesn't! He did a wonderful job, noticing this weekend at the spa that my old backpack was zipperless and falling apart, and so I have a fabulous new backpack to take on the trip to the US and any future hiking endeavors. He also noticed that I always have cookbooks lying around the kitchen, and so I got a great cookbook stand, which I am honestly super excited about. And flowers, and chocolates, and a frangipani tart. Mmmm.

Then we went for dinner at Racontes-moi des salades, a great restaurant specializing in--you guessed it--salads, which was super yummy. And when we came back, we ate that frangipani tart, with candles on top. Well, we ate it after the candles were removed, but you know what I mean.

And then (I told you we were dorks) we watched Lost on DVD, which M. had rented on his way home. You see, friends had loaned us the first one and a half seasons, and now we're kind of hooked, and we had to know what was going to happen, so now we're renting. It's a vicious cycle. A perfect end to a perfect day.

And a perfect beginning for the last year of my twenties! Since every year of my life has been even better than the last, I am wholeheartedly looking forward to this one.

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