01 February 2007

Nephew and nieces update

My sister must have read my intense transatlantic mindwaves and sent some new photos of my nephew. In one, he is watching the snow fall outside the window with his dad, and they have their hands up and fingers outstretched, imitating the snowflakes falling from the sky. Imagine being a one-year-old looking at snow! This crazy stuff in the air! His big eyes and awed smile say it all.

This week, while M was on the phone with his mother, both of the nieces got on the phone. The older, in her best grown-up four-year-old voice, asked about our new apartment as though they were having tea and she had heard a rumor from one of the other society ladies about it.

The younger, during her turn, stayed silent as M called her name and said "hola!" But, when his mother got back on, she asked, "what did you say to her?" Because as soon as the gooberbaby got off the phone, she started wiggling her bottom and doing a little happy dance.

Sigh. Miss the nephew and nieces. Note to self: must live nearer to nephew and nieces. If not all at once, at least on a time-share program.

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