10 January 2007

10 days in

Brussels was angry that I cheated with sunny, warm, voluptuous Barcelona for over two weeks, so upon return is greeting me with spitting cold rain, angry wind, and dark frowning skies (at 2 pm it looks like 6). As if I expected anything different. I’m used to such dastardly tricks by now, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. I feel like hunkering down in the apartment and never setting foot outside again. Except for those dagnabbit Resolutions, which involve setting foot outside in order to do things like break a sweat and get some exercise, etc.

OK, enough complaint. Now I will write about Christmas. It requires a new entry, because this one is already tainted by my whining, and Christmas and the vacation time surrounding is not something I can whine about, even though it was busy in a vacationy kind of way.

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