19 December 2006

Three things I love about every single day, #3

Ages ago I started this series of posts, and if you are a careful reader and are obsessive enough to worry about lists that announce they are Three and then are only Two, you may be wondering, where did number three go?

Well here, careful reader, is #3:


There are many many reasons why one of my favorite parts of the day is crawling into bed, but here are the top three (more numbered lists! I'm not a list-making, linear thinker, oh no, not me!):

1. I'm good at sleeping. I'm a champion. I fall asleep easily, I sleep deeply, I can wake up and fall back asleep again. I could outsleep you any time, and fall asleep anywhere, promise. I like to sleep.

2. Yet, this ability to fall asleep is combined with a night-time alertness, because I am not what you would call a morning person. So, when I go to bed, I often read for long stretches, and since I'm trying to put a quarantine on non-thesis reading to contain it within before-bed reading, I look forward to it very much. What I am trying to say is that Thing #3, sleep, is related to Thing #2, books. (Dr. Seuss, go away.)

3. Sleep is ever so much nicer once a husband is obtained. Cuddles and warmth and that sort of thing.

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